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"Champlain Canalway Trail Action Plan: W

aterford to Whitehall
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Champlain Canalway Trail Working Groups   

The Champlain Canalway Trail Working Groups are volunteer, ad hoc partnerships that include local and regional canal and trail groups, public agencies, and park and preservation organizations.

The groups benefit from the existing network of the Canalway Trail Association of New York, a statewide, all-volunteer organization of trail owners and managers formed to assist localities to develop, manage, and maintain the Canalway Trail.
The vision of this trail is " for an attractive and continuous Champlain Canalway Trail route from Whitehall to Waterford, that uses historic towpaths, Champlain Canal shoreline, existing local and regional trails, on-street bicycle routes and links to regional and community attractions".

The CCTWG welcomes new partners and interested individuals to join our meetings. For more information please contact Jeannie Williams  
518.792.5363 /Cellular 518.225.1310

2022 2022
CCTWG Agenda 5-3-22 No Meeting
CCTWG Agenda 4-5-22 No Meeting
CCTWG Agenda 3-1-22 No Meeting
CCTWG Agenda 2-1-22 No Meeting
CCTWG Agenda 1-4-22 No Meeting
2021 2021
CCTWG Agenda 12-7-21 No Meeting
CCTWG Agenda 11-2-21 FA-WH CCTWG Agenda 11-10-21
CCTWG Agenda 10-5-21 No Meeting
CCTWG Agenda 9-7-21 FA-WH CCTWG Agenda 9-21-21
CCTWG Agenda 8-3-21 No Meeting
CCTWG Agenda 7-6-21 No Meeting
CCTWG Agenda 6-1-21 No Meeting
CCTWG Agenda 5-4-21 FA-WH CCTWG Agenda 5-18-21
CCTWG Agenda 4-6-21 No Meeting
CCTWG Agenda 3-2-21 FA-WH CCTWG Agenda 3-16-21
CCTWG Agenda 2-2-21 No Meeting
CCTWG Agenda 1-5-21 FA-WH CCTWG Agenda 1-19-21
2020 2020
CCTWG Agenda 12-26-20 No Meeting
CCTWG Agenda 10-6-20 No Meeting
No Meeting
CCTWG Agenda 8-7-20 No Meeting
CCTWG Agenda 7-7-20 No Meeting
CCTWG Agenda 2-4-20 No Meeting
CCTWG Agenda 1-7-20
2019 2019
CCTWG Agenda 11-5-19 No Meeting
CCTWG Agenda 10-1-19 No Meeting
CCTWG Agenda 9-3-19 No Meeting
CCTWG Agenda 8-6-19 No Meeting
CCTWG Agenda 7-2-19 ​FA-WH CCT Agenda 12-3-19
CCTWG Agenda 6-4-19 FA-WH CCT Agenda 10-1-19
CCTWG Agenda 5-7-19 FA-WH CCT Agenda 8-6-19
CCTWG Agenda 4-2-19 FA-WH CCT Agenda 5-7-19
CCTWG Agenda 3-5-19 FA-WH CCT Agenda 4-2-19
CCTWG Agenda 2-5-19 FA-WH CCT Agenda 3-5-19
CCTWG Agenda 1-8-19 FA-WH CCT Agenda 2-20-19
2018 2018
CCTWG Agenda 12-4-18 FA-WH CCT Agenda 12-19-18
CCTWG Agenda 10-2-18 FA-WH CCT Agenda 10-17-18
CCTWG Agenda 8-7-18 FA-WH CCT Agenda 9-19-18
CCTWG Agenda 7-10-18 FA-WH CCT Agenda 6-20-18
CCTWG Agenda 6-5-18 FA-WH CCT Agenda 5-16-18
CCTWG Agenda 5-1-18 FA-WH CCT Agenda 4-18-18
CCTWG Agenda 4-3-18 FA-WH CCT Agenda 3-21-18
CCTWG Agenda 3-6-18 FA-WH CCT Agenda 2-21-18
CCTWG Agenda 2-6-18 FA-WH CCT Agenda 1-17-18
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Slate Valley Rail Trail (SVRT)

The Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation awarded The Town of Granville $250K through CFA Round 2018 Environmental Protection Fund: Parks, Preservation and Heritage Grant program

The project will extend the Slate Valley Rail Trail (SVRT) north from Depot Street to Cross Road, bringing the SVRT closer to realizing the project goal, to link with the D&H Rail Trail that runs through Vermont. For a more detailed description of the SVRT check out the Slate Valley Rail Trail Feasibility Study below.

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Project History                                                                                                                               

In 2016 an ad hoc working group was brought together to begin working towards creating and connecting the Slate Valley Rail Trail in Granville and Salem. The development of the proposed 22 mile multi-use recreational trail offers an opportunity to bring economic benefit and recreational opportunities to the region, with connections to Vermont and trails beyond in New Hampshire and Maine.

Granv rails to trails

Click on the Report Image to Download the Slate Valley Rail Trail Feasibility Study 2018

SVRT Cover